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Senior Session – {Winter Concept}

Even though we live in the south and it doesn’t usually get cold enough for snow, we still have winter!  A winter senior shoot is a great way to showcase your love of winter fashions or love of the winter season!  Layers always look great and winter is the perfect time to wear things such as scarves, hats, gloves and coats.

Hannah is one of my Class of 2014 Senior Spokesmodels and I just love hanging out with her!  We drove out to a Christmas Tree Farm over the winter break and had too much fun together!  We were freezing but still managed to get some awesome photos!!

If you are a senior and want to book a winter or spring senior session, contact me through the contact form on this blog, email me at leslie@lesliekerriganphoto.com or call 864-270-8720.

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Fashion Friday – {Urban Glam Senior Style}

The very first question I get asked as soon as a senior books me for their senior session is…”What do I wear?”  It is my favorite thing to help girls with, and I just love to make sure they feel beautiful and confident during their session.

One way I do this is by getting to know each one of my senior clients.  I ask them about fashion, what they like, don’t like, where their favorite place to shop is and what styles they like best.  From there, we go through their outfit choices and create the perfect looks for their session.

It is always a great idea to bring 3-4 or even more outfits to wear during a senior session.  Not only does this give seniors a variety in their photos but it allows every aspect of a senior’s personality to shine.  Most often girls have a few different style profiles that they like so being able to incorporate all of the things they like into their session helps tell the story of that senior.

Today, I wanted to highlight a specific style profile called Urban Glam.  This style is very hip and modern.  To me urban is fashion-forward with a touch of making your own rules.  Add a little sparkle, shine or fun texture to the mix and you get the glam portion.  This type of look is captured best in an urban location.  Maybe somewhere downtown or an old factory.

Check out this awesome outfit that Carly modeled for me to showcase this fun style.  If you would like to book a Spring Senior Session, contact me at leslie@lesliekerriganphoto.com.  My calendar is filling up with lots of great senior sessions, so be sure to go ahead and book now!

What to Wear Links:

Forever 21

The Oxford Trunk

Similar Booties – Lord & Taylor

Hair & Makeup by Katie Cotton of Cotton Rouge

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Senior Spokesmodel Search – Class of 2015

The search is on for the Class of 2015 Senior Spokesmodels!  That’s right…if you are a current junior who will be graduating high school in 2015, this is for you!

What is a Senior Spokesmodel?  A senior spokesmodel is a girl who wants to be a part of an exclusive team of seniors from different high schools in the Greenville and surrounding areas.  A spokesmodel receives the chance to participate in a LKP model photo shoot with the other senior spokesmodels.  This shoot is tons of fun, completely styled by myself and a chance to get really cool photos while having a blast!!  In addition to this main model shoot, LKP Spokesmodels have opportunities throughout their senior year to participate in other senior photo shoots for LKP.  If you love to have your photos taken or if you have ever dreamed of being a model, this is the opportunity for you!

How do I apply?  To apply to be a Class of 2015 Senior Spokesmodel, please fill out the application that can be found here.  Submit the application by January 15, 2014 to be considered.  It’s super easy and quick!

How many girls are chosen?  Each year, I choose 2-3 girls from each high school.  This is an amazing opportunity and I try to pick the girls that will best represent LKP.  Everyone that applies and goes through the interview process will receive a special gift of thanks from LKP.

What happens after I fill out the application?  Once all the applications are in, I will review them.  The girls will be contacted and invited to a special informational event, where I will explain in detail the Spokesmodel program and the girls will have a chance to ask questions.  Past Spokemodels will there to help answer any questions as well and they will share their experience with you to help guide you in the process.  During this event, I will have the chance to talk to each applicant to help me get to know each one and determine which will be chosen.

How will we be notified if we make the 2015 Spokesmodel Team?  You will be notified in a very fun and special way by one of the past Spokesmodels!!

What if I am not a current junior but know someone that is?  Please share this post with them!!  Or you may email me at leslie@lesliekerriganphoto.com to nominate someone that you feel would be a great Spokesmodel!

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Fit Photog Friday – New Year’s Resolutions

It’s 2014, and with that comes a whole lot of New Year’s Resolutions.  I am certain that eating better, exercising more is one of the most popular resolutions.  The bad part is that most of us abandon that resolution about two weeks into the New Year, and I am no exception!  But here I am again, making the same resolution and hoping that somehow it will stick this time.  Will you go on this journey to better health with me?

I think most people would say, “oh you don’t need to lose weight” because I am not that big.  But being ‘not that big’ doesn’t mean healthy or in shape!  The problem is that I used to exercise all the time and then got busy with my business and find myself sitting at the computer (which is exactly what I am doing now!) all day!  That is not good no matter what your size is!  I need to get back to working out and toning up.  How many of you out there are in the same boat?

So with the start of the new year, I start again.  My plan is to work out first thing in the morning because once I sit down at this computer, its over.  I get busy and put off working out, eating, etc.  So first thing is working out.  I used to go to the gym everyday but I no longer belong to the gym.  What I found is that I can work out at home and it takes up less time which is good because I have work to do.  If you are a mom like me, you only have so many hours during the day.  For me, that is the time my boys are at school, which goes by so quickly.  I need something fast and easy.

So I started following the extremely popular Tone It Up girls.  They have great, free workouts on their site and let’s face it, they are inspiring.  All you have to do is look at them and it’s pretty motivating!  I have to admit, I wish I were 20-something like they probably are and this would probably be a little easier but oh well!  Another great site for free workouts is bodyrock.tv.  Between these two sites and running, I am hoping to get in shape before spring and hopefully by blogging about it I will keep myself accountable!

Helping me get back to running is the fact that my sister is trying to get me to run a half marathon with her.  I am not sure I can do it but I am going to try.  The longest race I’ve ever run is a 10K.  I usually get bored on long distance runs so I am not sure I am going to be able to get through 13.1 miles but at the very least, I am hoping by training I can get in shape, whether I actually run all 13.1 or not!   I am going to be using the training schedule from Fitnessmagazine.com via Pinterest.  See below.

As far as food goes, well…I LOVE food!  And by food, I mean all the food that is bad for you.  Anything with sugar, dessert, etc.  These are terrible for you obviously!  I also think I am somewhat of a foodie, which means I love to try things, make new recipes, etc.  On top of that, I’m southern, which totally means I bake and cook and eat for any reason.  Oh it’s Wednesday, let me bake some cookies to show my love (when really I just wanted cookies myself)!  I love going to dinner at fancy restaurants and I hate to cook on the weekends for some reason so that means lots of Friday and Saturday nights out to eat.  All of this is not good for me!  So moderation and a better diet is going to have to be part of this resolution.

I read somewhere that a fit person is made up 80% on food and only 20% in the gym!  Wow!  That means I just need to eat better and work out a little and not vice versus!  I’ll take that!

On the quest to eat better, I want to find some inspiration for real food.  None of this health nut fake food stuff.  REAL!  So I stumbled upon a site called The Fit Foodie and it looks like a great resource for recipes and more.  I also love Cooking Light Magazine for real recipes but lighter!

So here is to a New Year and a New, fitter and healthier me!  I would love for you to join me on this and let’s help each other stick to those New Year’s Resolutions!!  Comment below on what your resolution is or how you plan to stick to it or comment on any suggestions you have for fitness and healthy eating.

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January 10, 2014 - 8:46 pm

Harper - Signing up for a race with a partner/friend/family member is great motivation to train and get in shape! I ran a 10-miler last fall with 5 of my best girl friends, and we all bought Garmin watches and tracked our progress though the Garmin Connect app. We were able to motivate each other via the web (as we’re all in different states). The longest race prior to the 10-miler was a 5k, and with proper training, any distance is possible! I’d love to do a half-marathon this year, so we’ll see :) I also like to follow fitness people on Instagram. They provide good motivational photos and healthy recipes. Good luck!!

January 12, 2014 - 1:16 pm

admin - Hey Harper!! Thanks for your comment! I really hope I can do this…sticking to a running schedule while trying to run a blog and photography business and be a mom might be hard but I’m going to try!! Sounds like you and your friends did a great job and motivated each other! Way to go!!

Feature Friday – {Chic Magazine}

It’s time for the newest issue of Chic Magazine and that means an article from me!  Yay!!:)I am always so excited to put together looks for the Looks We Love feature in the magazine!  It is such an honor to be a part of this publication!!

Kelli France, fellow photographer, friend and creator of Chic Critique Forum and Magazine, runs a top notch organization and I love being inspired by the articles in the magazine!  Kelli and I, along with some other great photographers, Brittney Kluse, Courtney DeLaura and Leah Remillet, will all be hanging out together in Vegas at the end of next month and I can’t wait to see them all in person.  We are hosting a huge one day workshop and shoot out for senior portrait photographers.  Luxe in Las Vegas is going to be AWESOME!

The latest issue of this awesome magazine will be available in digital and print January 15th!  Check out the sneak peek below of my article and a peek at the cover to see what else is inside the Luxe Issue!

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